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The Wonderful Sights of RAJA AMPAT


Travelling overseas is a nice activity although not everyone can perform it. For Indonesian people, it is easy to find some tourism sites that have the world quality because Indonesia is one of the best tourism countries in the world. One of those best places is Raja Ampat. Especially for them who like diving and any other kind of water sports, Raja Ampat is a nice place to be considered. Raja Ampat islands are wonderful archipelago where we can find the finest underwater scenery. This place is rich of exotic plants, corals, fish, and other animals. It is belong to one of the richest underwater area in the world.

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, Indonesia. According to Indonesia Tourism Award (ITA) 2011, Raja Ampat is awarded as the Most Favorite New Destination by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. This is an award for the tourism industry and destination that is held annually by the government. It is like a botanical garden that we can find in the sea. Don’t ever miss it!

There we can find so many rocky islets in the area of Raja Ampat, the total number is about 610 pieces. These “Four Kings” islands have four main islands; they are Salawati, Misool, Waigeo, and Batanta. According to Conservation International (CI), Raja Ampat is the world’s richest site relates to marine biodiversity. The total number of the variety of its coral is 603 and for the fish is 1511. Let’s enjoy the ultimate panorama of Raja Ampat!

One of the fabulous facts about Raja Ampat: this is the home of 75% known coral species from around the world. If we can find many hard coral species in Caribbean Sea, can you imagine that we can find 10 times of them in Raja Ampat? This place is well known for its natural and original underwater scenery that have not touched yet.

Besides, it will be very valuable if we can meet the rare animals such as the endangered sea turtles and the endemic reef fish (only found in the area of Raja Ampat). This is like a paradise on the Earth that we can still found today. This is also convenient place for your honeymoon or vacation with the family.


Travelling to the tallest building in the world : BURJ KHALIFA

burj khalifa

Travelling around the world is a fantastic experience, especially for traveller. Burj Khalifa is one of the sites that hold the world’s records, and one of them is the tallest building in the world! Its height is over 828 meters (2.716.5 feet). Compared with the other well-known buildings in the world, such as Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Taipei 101, Willis (Sears) Tower, and CN Tower, Burj Khalifa is more than 100 meters higher than them.

When the people spend the holiday in Dubai, most of the people will hardly forget to visit this world class place. This is an amazing place that also hold some other categories according to its website, such as the tallest free-standing structure in the world (previously held by CN Tower in Toronto), the highest occupied floor in the world, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world, the tallest service elevator in the world, and elevator with the longest travel distance in the world.

This building consists of more than 160 floors, completed with 57 elevators and 8 escalators, and designed with more than 26,000 glass panels. What a great building it is! It takes only 1.325 days or about 4 years to be the tallest building in the world since January 2004. On January, 2010, the official launch ceremony was held. The construction involved more than 12.000 workers and contractors from over 100 nationalities.

Inside the tower, there are some sites that can be enjoyed by the visitors. We can spend our holiday only to explore this building! At the top of tower, on level 124, there is the observation deck. On level 122, there is a fine dining restaurant. This building also has 900 residences, 37 office floors, 160 guestrooms and suites, 144 private residences, 11 hectares park, 6 water features, 3000 underground parking spaces, and 4-storey fitness and recreation annex. Well, it can be ascertained that we would not be bored to spend the holiday inside there because it is like “mini world” that we can find many things there. Mohamed Alabbar, the chairman of Burj Khalifa, stated that it is the Arab world’s tribute to the art and science of modern engineering and design. Yes, the design of the building is very outstanding. He also said that this is the symbol of aesthetic unison of cultures from Arabia and all the rest of the world.

for more information, you can visit the official website of Burj Khalifa: www.burjkhalifa.ae